Monday, March 15, 2010

So I'm a little bit livid...

And yes, this is a screenshot i took from the music video for "Giving Up the Gun."
Just... look at it. ahhhh.

Because my most recent obsession, Vampire Weekend, is going to be in Salt Lake City in TWO FREAKING DAYS.


If only I had known about them but a few weeks ago, I would seriously have found someway to get there and bought tickets. I looked up how much they've been going for, and I could totally afford them and everything! BLAST. And I won't be in Georgia for when they go to Atlanta, plus the tickets for THAT show are already sold out anyways. BIG POOPING POOPY MCPOOPERER. POOOOPPPP.

I suppose I will have to find some other way to magically run into Ezra Koenig so that we can fall in love and get married.

Because that is STILL GOING TO HAPPEN, dang it. DANG IT. IT WILL.

.......................I am not crazy.

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