Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is in the air, kids.

Dear Couple sitting in the library for all to see:

We know you love each other. We can all see that shiny lil engagement ring on your hand, woman. Congratulations. But I have a favor to ask you:

Please, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY, save your mackin and extremely physical flirting for a less public place.

I Propose a Prospect:

Let us all bind together to create a group.
A group for the protection and safety of the innocent eyes of Provo.
You may think that such a group is unneeded, but you would be wrong.

I feel like the title I have created for this society is fairly self-explanatory:

We shall call ourselves, "The People for the Privatizing of Public Displays of Affection for Everyone Else's Good."

Also known as PPPDAEEG for short.
(pronounced pee-pee-pee-day-eeg. obviously.)

Catchy, right?? It should be put on a t-shirt.



Deb in GA said...

You go girl! Yes, PDA's had their time--as obsolete little computer thingies, that is. NOT as slobbery-hanging-all-over-each-other-excuses for affection. Bleah.

Kylie said...

Sign me up for a t-shirt!