Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I hope that one day I am as legit as this chihuahua.

Did I tell you kids that I have a major again?

Because I do.

Its Spanish.

People ask me what I'm going to do with that, and I tell them "Be a flight attendant."

They don't believe me.

I've been practicing my hard core "I'm dead serious" stony eyes and trim smile for them when they say that.

I think I'm getting good at it.

Also, I signed a contract for summer/fall/winter. For Glenwood.

Don't gimme that "Glenhood" crap. I've heard good things, and even been inside. Not nearly as ghetto as people make it out to be.

And I hear marvelous things about the social atmosphere.

And my brother's mission companion buddy guy lives there now, so I've already got some kind of connection. Which is nice.

And I baked a cake. And I'm going to decorate said cake now.


Why not.

Over and out.

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